Which is right for you: Crafty Vaporizer or Pax 2?

Which is right for you: Crafty Vaporizer or Pax 2?

The Crafty Vaporizer is currently one of the best selling products on the market, yet it is different from another popular offering, the Pax2. Which is right for you? Check out the side by side comparison to find out.

Shape and Design

The first thing you’ll notice about any vaporizer is the shape and design. You want something that fits comfortably in your hand, yet also is easy enough to carry along with you. Many vaporizer users are first exposed to the pen-shaped designs.

The pen vaporizers are fine entry level devices, but these options typically lack major features (not to mention most use an e-liquid instead of actual leaf tobacco or marijuana). Both the Crafty Vaporizer and the Pax2 are a bit different in shape.

The Pax2 is is a cylinder-like design with a brushed metal finish. It possesses an exceptionally high-end look and, to the naked, uneducated eye, it doesn’t look like a vaporizer at all.

The mouthpiece itself sits flush with the rest of the design, which helps maintain this beautiful look.

Pax 2 Review


A single button controls all the features and temperature settings, with a front display LED light indicating the setting you are on (it will take a moment to learn which lights represent what settings, but it is easy to learn).

Pax 2 Single Button Review

Loading the Pax2 is just as easy, with a magnetic oven lid. It pulls out without resistance, allowing you to load up your tobacco or marijuana. The magnet then snaps back in place, securely holding your product together.

On the other side is the Crafty Vaporizer. Truth be told, the design isn’t anywhere near as beautiful or elegant as the Pax2. It looks more industrial than a sleek work of art. It is a longer, rounded off rectangle that does take up a bit more space.

Crafty Vaporizer review

It does have a dedicated mouth piece that can rotate, so if you need it at a set angle, you can do this. While not as elegant, you may like the physical mouthpiece.

It can make inhaling the vapor easier, plus you likely will not need to clean it as often (with the Pax2 as a single piece, you’ll likely touch the mouthpiece frequently when you grab the device, which means you’ll need to clean it off before using).

This is where you’ll need to determine if the design of the vaporizer is important to you. It is bulkier than the Pax2, but easier to maintain and clean, so keep this in mind.

Battery and Charging

Charging with the Pax2 is a bit more difficult than you may desire. For a device with a futuristic looking design, charging seems more dated than anything else. On the rear face of the vaporizer there are slender, pinhole like indentations. You won’t feel these indentations, nor will they stick out.

Charging a Pax2 Vaporizer

To charge, you place this area onto a charging port, which connects to a power outlet. Now, what is so difficult about this? Well, it isn’t specifically hard to do, but it isn’t something you can just do anywhere.

The Crafty Vaporizer uses the now common USB charging system. This means you can literally charge it anywhere. You can connect the USB cable to a power outlet, computer, car power port, or even use the USB port on the rear of your television. You’ll almost always be able to charge your vaporizer battery.

The Pax2 you’ll be forced to carry the charger with you (there are some USB based charger add-ons that connect to the Pax2 port, but you’ll need to purchase these special cable adapters and have the specially designed cable with you).


As stated earlier, the Pax2 uses a single button to scroll through the vaporizer settings. You’ll need to learn these settings, but it is rather straight forward. The Crafty isn’t as slender or streamlined, but it has its own benefits: the smartphone app.

When paired with your smartphone (Android or iOS), your phone gives you more control, including temperature settings or vibration notifications for when the device has reached the desired temperature, needs a battery charge or other info. This is especially helpful to have.

Crafty Vaporizer App

Chamber size

This is a pretty straight forward comparison. The larger the chamber size the bigger your intake and the longer you can use the included tobacco or marijuana. The Crafty has a chamber size for around .2 grams of dry herbs.

Crafty Vaporizer Chamber size review

If you pack a super fine grain you can get more in, but it is important to not over-pack your chamber. It is recommend to ground your herbs a bit thinner for the Pax2, but the chamber is about the same size.

Pax 2 Chamber size review

Heat Time

The Pax2 heats up extremely fast. It will be ready to go in as little as 30 seconds. This is for the lower setting, which is 360 degrees.

The high temperature is 420 degrees. With the four different temperature settings you can easily scroll through these options until you find what works best for you and what you are vaping.

Pax2 Heat time

The Crafty comes with two default settings of 356 and 383. Now, you can go into the smartphone app and customize the temperatures more to your liking up to 410 degrees (and as low as 104).

While you can only have two saved on your device, the added customization is extremely nice, especially if you have a plant you want a lower temp with.

Having the added temperature setting features is extremely nice, it just takes a bit more experimenting to figure out what works for you.

Crafty Vaporizer Heat time



There is no right or wrong vaporizer. You need to decide what works best for your particular needs.

Both the Pax2 and the Crafty Vaporizer are quality devices, each of which offer set pros and cons. From the elegant look of the Pax2 to the smartphone controlled Crafty, you are sure to fins something that fits your particular needs.